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Electric process heaters for gas, liquid and electric control panels
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Engineering solutions and standard products from the specialist

OhmEx Industrielle Elektrowärme GmbH plans, manufactures and supplies electric process heaters and electrical control panels for industrial applications. These systems are used wherever liquid process fluids or gases/steam have to be heated up efficiently and economically. Our complete product range includes customer-specific engineering solutions and a comprehensive range of standard products such as space heaters, flange immersion heaters, process flow heaters and air heaters. Our service covers the complete planning, design, delivery and commissioning on-site.

Find out about our latest innovations in electric process heaters. Do you have any questions, or require more detailed information about our products? We will be happy to send you further information or an actual quotation.

Please contact us direct at: Info@OhmEx.de

News and Innovations - Portable Fan Heater Bulldog Type MFH

MFH ‘The Bulldog’ Portable Fan Heater is the world’s first truly portable hazardous area fan assisted heater. The Bulldog combines efficient design with simple functionality to provide a portable heating solution for use in hazardous environments where the atmosphere is classified as Zone 1 or 2 (IIA, IIB and H2).

Learn more:
Brochure MFH ‘The Bulldog’ Portable Fan Heater
MFH ‘The Bulldog’ Portable Fan Heater

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